Founder and CEO of WholeHealth.Clinic  

(Auric, Acu, Kin, Nat, C. H. Ed., Aroma, BCMA) 

Raised in a family that believed in natural health, in natural life and in the inherent healing power of the body, I have been able to experience the benefits of non-pharmaceutical health from a very young age.


I am Niki, Founder of WholeHealth.Clinic. When I was diagnosed with severe psoriatic arthropathy, the medical conclusion, after seeing specialist after specialist, was that it was a matter of time until becoming wheelchair-bound.


The strong belief that finding the roots of the severe inflammation could treat my condition, gave me the strength to persist through my journey to finding health and balance. That was when I got to experience the real transformational power of a whole health treatment approach that focused on me, as Niki.


Two decades later, I know that my journey has proven the power of whole health.


Having gained invaluable experience from being both a patient and a Health Practitioner, I am here to help , educate and empower you through the challenges that life brings your way.


Let's work together throughout your own journey to discover whole health.

Monday - Friday 9am - 6pm

Zen Clinic

143 London Road

Stanway, Colchester


Longcroft House
2 – 8 Victoria Avenue
London, EC2M 4NS

Tel: +447954 225479   

Email: contactus@wholehealth.clinic

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