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Conditions treated include:


  • Stress

  • Fatigue

  • Anxiety

  • Skin conditions

  • Fertility

  • IBS

  • Chronic pains, 

  • and more.

     Niki is an Alternative Health Practitioner who specialises in treating a diverse range of conditions. She set up WholeHealth.Clinic with the aim to help patients access easily the best and latest treatments and services.

     She also specialises in PRP treatments which include:

     Facial Aesthetics, PRP (Platelet Rich Plasma) that promotes tissue healing and repair.  Ideal for patients looking to improve their natural appearance.

     Other PRP treatments cover:

  • Hair regrowth, 

  • Arthritis, 

  • Back pain,

  • Joint pain

  • Acne,

  • Scars,

  • Loss of sensation and much more.


     Promotes tissue healing and repair, and are perfect for patients looking to improve the natural appearance

     Niki owns a unique diversity of specialist professional experience that she gained as a fully qualified practitioner of:

  • auriculotherapy

  • acupressure/acupuncture

  • naturopathy

  • phlebotomy

  • kinesiology

  • herbalism and aromatherapy. 

     WholeHealth.Clinic™ owes its vision of a tailored health solution to its founder, Niki (Dip. CMA. Advanced Master herbalist Dip,Auric.Acu.Kin.Nat.C.H.Ed.Aroma.BCMA.APNT.), who’s devoted her life to helping & inspiring people discover health and achieve life goals. 


     Niki has a long and multileveled engagement with the health & food industry, in the UK and in various countries abroad. She has also worked for the NHS, and is an Affiliate Member of the Association of Physical and Natural Therapists (UK). She constantly keeps up to date with all latest industry developments, and regularly undergoes training, and attends seminars and webinars, maintaining an ongoing high standard of training and professionalism. 

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