Naturopathy aims to facilitate and educate the patient to take self-responsibility to achieve wellbeing and deal with issues such as excess weight, allergies, various illnesses and depression.

       Furthermore, it will incorporate the intake of vitamins and minerals, by following a specific cumulative programme adapted to the individual, which includes both a balanced diet and supplements to strengthen the body’s natural ability to self-heal.

Monday - Friday 9am - 6pm

Zen Clinic

143 London Road

Stanway, Colchester


Longcroft House
2 – 8 Victoria Avenue
London, EC2M 4NS

Tel: +447954 225479   


General Health Warning

All the information and advice provided by Niki Craveiro does not intend to substitute a medical healthcare GP! Please note that if you are suffering from a condition that requires the attention of a medical practitioner or even suffer symptoms of that concern, please consult with your GP.  In addition, if you intend to take supplements and particularly medication, please consult with your healthcare provider. 

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