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Liquorice! Did you know?


Liquorice is a herbal plant with a root that's sweet in flavour, with many health benefits. Its root is used as a powerful antifungal medicine, known for its strong anti-inflammatory, antibacterial effects and immune-boosting properties, due to glycyrrhizin acid.

Some of the health benefits of liquorice are:

· Anti H. pylori effects (Helicopacter pylori).

· Effective in treating oral diseases such as: gingivitis, candidiasis, oral ulcers, etc.

· Great for heart burn.

· Helps to soothe gastrointestinal issues.

· Repairs the lining and balance in the stomach.

· May be used to treat respiratory problems.

· Can also have a positive effect on stress.

You can easily drink it as a tea, add to food, or simply take as a supplement.

However too much consumption can increase blood pressure, and lower potassium. So, please take extra care and always consult your health practitioner.

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