We manufacture our Indium based on the specifications of Dr. Morton Walker’s Book INDIUM, The Age-Reversing Trace Element.


      Number 49 in the periodic table of elements, indium is a fascinating element for many reasons.


     It is almost absent in the food chain, as it is not soluble in water therefore poorly absorbed. Leaving it as a non-essential mineral for health and considered an unnecessary nutrient, yet research tends to prove that trace-mineral Indium could make its mark in the history of nutrition.


     The health benefits of indium:

  • Indium release more than 30 hormones, and keeps your glands functioning as they should.
  • Indium helps release a growth hormone which improves and decreases loss of bone density.
  • Metabolism can also be improved.
  • Indium has positive effects on the hypothalamus and the pituitary Gland.
  • Can help regulate blood pressure.
  • Can help to boost Immunity.
  • It boosts hormonal productivity especially in women.
  • In some cases it had shown to have a positive effect on memory.
  • It can Increase energy.
  • Helps to Improve skin, burns and bruising.
  • Indium has proven to be highly effective in helping the body to absorb other nutrients and minerals.


     Our Indium is a non-toxic liquid.

     For best absorption of Indium: take 1 drop first thing in the morning, then allow 30 minutes before consuming other nutrients or food.
     Packaged in dark violet glass bottles to protect the content against decay from light.

Indium 10ml

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