CanOid CBD OIL FULL SPECTRUM is extracted using an hydroalcoholic method that preserves the phyto-complex purity without leaving any dangerous residues.


     This high-quality CBD is made from WHOLE PLANTS grown in organic culture in Switzerland and the USA. Whole Plant extracts account for its complexity and super high quality.


     The CanOid CBD OIL FULL SPECTRUM is 2.7% of Cannabidiol and 5% of the full spectrum. Plus, thanks to the Mycell Inside technology, it is highly bioavailable and considered 20 times more effective than CBD diluted in fractionated coconut MCT oil, Hemp seed oil, Olive oil or Avocado oil.
     CBD provides our body many therapeutic benefits, helping with the relief of several conditions with no side effects.


Scientific research and testimonials from patients and physicians highlight CBD’s potential that may assist in a wide range of conditions, including:


  • Acute and chronic Inflammation
  • Pain and discomfort (e.g. migraines, joint pain)
  • Neurological conditions
  • Metabolic syndrome
  • Anxiety and depression
  • Gut disorders (e.g. ABS, colitis)
  • Cardiovascular dysfunction
  • Skin disease (acne, dermatitis, psoriasis)


Direction of use:
Place 3 to 5 drops under the tongue twice daily.


Based on information available, the WHO deems CBD safe to use.

Product features:


  • Convenient: A full spectrum CBD oil
  • Performance: Bioavailable, bioactive form of micellised CBD oil
  • Purity: Hypoallergenic formula
  • 0.2% of THC
  • Unique and 4-way patented technology
  • Internationally excellent innovation award-winner
  • New standard with enormous potential in the pharmaceutical market
  • Vegan micelles from gum arabica
  • 100% natural (no polysorbates, no lecithin, no triglycerides)
  • High stability

Mycell CAN OID oil 10ML

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    General Health Warning

    All the information and advice provided by Niki Craveiro does not intend to substitute a medical healthcare GP! Please note that if you are suffering from a condition that requires the attention of a medical practitioner or even suffer symptoms of that concern, please consult with your GP.  In addition, if you intend to take supplements and particularly medication, please consult with your healthcare provider. 

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