Nano Minerals

The optimum form of mineral supplementation

     The word “Nano” refers to something that has a very small particle size and is located in a liquid medium (such as water), without the particles sinking to the bottom or floating to the surface. In the case of Nano minerals, this is due to their unique electromagnetic load and the extremely small particle size.

     Particle size is an important factor for good mineral absorption, because a fundamental physical law states that the smaller the particle, the greater the relative particle surface. It is this surface that the body uses to break down and absorb nutrients. The larger the surface, the better nutrients can be utilized.

Nano Zinc

     Zinc  is one of the most important trace elements needed by the body and plays an important role in storing our resistance, growth and skin repair. Zinc is a needed to produce many of the enzymes involved in metabolism. Your body uses it to build proteins and to develop and repair of tissues. It contributes to healthy bones, hair, skin and nails, good mental function, a strong immune system and fertility of both men and women.

Nano Zinc

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