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Join us at Whole Health Clinic and make a step into the world of rejuvenation

"true healing is not a 'Quick Fix' but a regeneration that comes from removing all waste from the body"

Arnold Ehret

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Retreat Description

          Our programmes are specially tailored to meet your individual needs, revitalise your mind and body, and help you increase your mental and physical well-being, away from your busy lifestyle.

          Whole Health Clinic is an educational retreat that will offer you a deeper understanding of yourself:

  •           Understand the relationship between your body and the food you consume

  •           Learn the secrets of digestion

  •           Discover new ways for balancing your own self amid contemporary challenges

          At Whole Health Clinic you will experience the rejuvenating benefits of fasting, followed by the revitalizing effects of juicing,  smoothies and raw food diet, and the regenerating power of a programme that aims at rebooting your whole system: weight loss, puffiness, blood hypertension, a reduction or disappearance of abdominal pain due to peptic ulcer and gastritis, A distinct improvement in well-being in patients with kidney disease, Improvement in sleep, a noticeable Increase in energy.

          Re-awaken your curiosity and enthusiasm and unwind yourself through a learning experience. Acquire confidence and body transformation skills, and changes in your daily routine.

          Carefully curated classes and talks will give you insight on body and mind health. Join the psychoeducation sessions (based on cognitive behavior therapy) and discover your areas of strength and your coping abilities, and learn how to address your everyday challenges. Delve into the world of whole foods by attending juicing,smoothies and  food prepping classes. Relax during meditation class and learn about the hidden power of essential oils. implementing the all of the  above knowledge in your everyday life.

          Immerse yourself in a memorable experience created to cater for your needs in a stunning conversion of four contemporary barns, surrounded by the magnificent countryside of Cambridgeshire.

          Discover the body and mind balancing power of auriculotherapy, kinesiology, and aromatherapy. Enjoy your time in the sauna and cozy evenings around an African fire pit.



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“let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food”


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